one more year on the line
2004-11-14,9:40 a.m.
Past and Future

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE-EEE-EEEEEEP, happy birthday to me...

Last time I updated the 'automatic paragraph breaks' were not working. So here I go trying to make them work. Maybe we'll have some huge gaps in between paragraphs now, who knows.

It is the morning of my 27th birthday, snow is falling to the ground and it actually seems nice. It's also Father's Day here and I've got dad's present here next to me. I'm supposed to wrap it up.

Em is still asleep (OH the wonders of living together, I can get up and do my thing and let the lush one sleep until he wants to), so I climbed up the stairs and opened the puter. Such luxury. I should be doing some baking for the folks and the grandparents are coming over to see the house for the first time (for some of them) and celebrate these two events that are on today and I'm supposed to be the good housewife and warm the sauna (which I've never done before here, it warms with wood, so you actually have to make a fire, which is so cool...) and bake some cakeses and cookies and such like.

So I decided to come here instead.

I mean, I love to play a good housewife, but at 9am? I have to wake myself up first ;)

And OH, I'm supposed to make a card for dad as well. I'd better get off the puter and get doing some happy housewife-stuff.

I do love it, really.

And I think it's hilarious. ME, a HOUSEWIFE? Yeah, I think so too.

It's nice to play a little.

What's better than a little role play with a twinkle in your eye on a Sunday morning after a night of perfectness?

I've got to dash off.

Loves y'all!

f xxx

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a hymn in my head. i have a little thing with hymns, i love them...

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the new alivaltiosihteeri-book. dad's going to have it in a few hours. i just sneaked a peak.

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who could be moody on a birthday? it's a happy day!


one more year on the line
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